Welcome to Port Angeles.  Come visit our friendly Christian family!

About Us

All are welcome at our house of worship.  Join us at 10 a.m. Sunday Morning.

We pray you will find our worship God-centered and welcoming.  The cornerstone to our weekly worship is the communion service where all in Christ are welcome.  The central theme of the table is captured in these four words, "Taken, Blessed, Broken and Given."   They represent our strong faith in God's love made known through Jesus Christ, our Savior.  We are called to live as Jesus lived - taken, blessed, broken and given.

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Community Activities

Our involvement in the Port Angeles community is supportive of several local missions.  We center on basic human needs like food, shelter and medical help.  We support our local food bank, Habitat for Humanity and VIMO (providing medical assistance to those in need).  Many of our members are involved in serving the public in volunteer ways as well.

Once every other month we open our doors to Narcotics Anonymous as a way to help people with addictions.

Our mission work to the Philippines as well as ministries through our denominational Colleges, Universities and Seminaries helps extend our sense of mission beyond our own doors and community.

The women of the church gather each month as well.  With an eye towards education and serving, our Christian Women's Fellowship is a warm and inviting place.  Please call us for the next CWF meeting.

If you know of other mission projects we might support, please feel free to contact us.

2606 S. Race St, Port Angeles, Washington | 360-457-7062